Championship Section

We have had some issues with the mail, all checks were mailed 2 weeks back, we will be contacting all people who have yet to cash in their checks to check on the status. If no check has arrived we will issue new ones by this weekend. Thank you for being patient with us, we wish to resolve any problems as soon as possible. If you have any questions or haven't received your check yet please email

Deepak Aaron

1-3 GM Ben Finegold(4/5)-$1833.33
     GM Alonso Zapata (4/5)-$1833.33
      IM Ron Burnett (4/5)-$1833.33

1. Kapish Potula(3/5)-$500
2. Zechen Lu(2.5)- $125
   Prateek Mishra(2.5)- $125

1. Drew Justice(4.5)-$2000
2-3.  Aaron DeCord(4)-$300
       Anand Srinivasan(4)-$300
       Alan Walk(4)-$300
       Mohak Agarwalla(4)-$300
       Om Badhe(4)-$300

1.Anand Sivakumar(3.5)-$400
2.Daniel Smith(3)-$28
   Jayashree Sekar(3)
   Brad Lathrop(3)-$28
   Hongzhu Qiao(3)-$28
   Sandeep Parashar(3)-$28
   Pranit Mishra(3)-$28
Sanjith Dineshkumar(3)-$28


1.Patrick Tenorio(5)-$1500
2-3.David Colon(4)-$250
     David Solis(4)-$250
     Pulak Agarwalla(4)-$250
     Mohit Kokane(4)-$250
     Keerthi Bhogapathi(4)-$250


1-2.Jennifer Cox(3.5)-$225
      David Katz(3.5)-$225