How to get better at chess

A lot of people want to know how to get better at chess. Contrary to popular opinion chess isn't an easy game! There's the general 10,000 rule that a lot of people like to go by. What it is, is it takes 10,000 hours to truly master something, and chess is no exception. Be that as it may you can definitely break it down, which I'm gonna do.

1. At least 20 minutes of tactics a day! Not my words, but from one of the best Grandmasters and coaches in the country!
-This will keep you sharp. You'll see ways to beat your opponents and you won't make mistakes because you'll be on the look out. 

2. Play everyday. The best way to keep in touch is to play games. This doesn't mean mindless 1 minute bullet games, play a couple 10-15minute+ games. Look at them, analyze them, if you learn from these games you can be well prepared for tournament play. Don't go overboard, always find the balance just one or two and that's enough to keep in touch!

3. Play in tournaments. Don't play every tournament possible, but at the same time don't spend all your time studying and play 1 tournament a year. Even a small quad or 1 day event so you keep in touch with your tournament practice. I know your rating is precious and running the risk of having it decrease is scary but if you play in tournaments you can learn, get better, and approach playing like a Grandmaster.

4.Get a Coach- This is important, and who is important. Get a coach who cares about your progress and is going to know your name, who you are, and really cares about your growth as a chess player. A coach will recommend openings, tell you how to improve your play and be your lifeline  whenever you have doubts. 

Important Software-Chessity(great free website with thousands of tactics). Chessbase(an absolute must, with proper use you can master any opening!). A strong engine, fritz is a bad example, get a stronger engine such as Houdini!

If you can put all these together, its only a matter of time till you see that rating sky rocket, and your game improve more than you could imagine. Good luck to you future Grandmasters if you have any questions let me know! Leave a comment here below or send me an email!

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