ALOHA SouthEast Regional Chess Tournament

Sponsored by ALOHA Mind Math
Georgia Tech Student Center 3rd floor


Section              1900+              1899-1500               1499-1000
1st                      $3000                $2000                       $1500
2nd                    $1500                 $1000                       $750
3rd                     $1000                 $500                         $500
Class Prize        U2150               U1700                      U1200
1st                       $500                  $400                        $300
2nd                     $250                  $200                        $150  


Tournament Information

Grandmasters play for free
Players may play up one section for an additional $50, please email to play up. 
Please bring your own chess sets and clocks, some will be provided. 
Parking information can be found at
Unrateds taken on a case to case basis

Sign up/Entry

Sign up at
Entry Fee

Till June 18th                           $75 Early Price
June 19th-July 18th                 $90 Normal Price
July 19th-21st                           $100 Late Price
July 22nd(830am-930am)     $120 Onsite Price

Time Control/Schedule

Time Control:G/90;d5
7/22(Saturday)                          7/23(Sunday)           
Round1: 10am                            Round4: 10am
Round2: 2pm                             Round5: 2pm
Round3: 6pm


Any questions or comments please contact Deepak Aaron

And a big thank you to our sponsor ALOHA Mind Math
Contact: 877-ALOHA-03