ALOHA Scholastic Tournament

Sponsored by ALOHA Mind Math
Georgia Tech Ballroom
K-5 only
July 8th(Saturday)


Under 1000 & Unrated(K-5 only)
1st     $1000
2nd    $500
3rd     $250
Trophies for 4-10

Time Control/Schedule

Time Control G/35d5
Round 4:1:30pm
Round 5:3:00pm

Tournament Information/Sign Up

Entry Fee:$50
Sign up at
Make Payment at

Any questions or comments please contact Deepak Aaron

And a big thank you to our sponsor ALOHA Mind Math
Contact: 877-ALOHA-03

Bughouse Tournament(Open to all)

Georgia Tech Ballroom
First round 5pm

Tournament Information/Entry

5 Rounds, double round, time control G/3minutes
Rounds will be paired as soon as possible
Seeding done by Average Rating
Entry Fee:$20/player

Prizes/Sign up

Please arrive ~30 minutes before to sign up onsite. 
Trophies top 3